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        Color/Anti-Fingerprint Coating


        Color/Anti-Fingerprint Coating

        New tendency with style surface



        JLGT series is applicable to color /anti-fingerprint coating for metal sheet /coil. There is a special coating protective layer coated on the surface, consisting of a thin and hard transparent /color nanometer metal painting, this coating layer has an uniform coating thickness which can be adjusted till 0.006mm minimum by the machine. After drying, the protective layer is fix with the metal surface strongly which is directly improves the wear resistance and anti-polluting of metal surface.


        Since the development of JLGT anti-fingerprint/color coating series in 2000’s, this series is catheterized by high production efficiency and stable product quality, the finished products are popular applicable to the household appliance and decoration industry.


        Remarks: Data referred to working width of 1300mm, other configurations are available on request. Ji Li Jia Machinery Co., Ltd. reserves the right to change any data without notice.


        JLGT series provides the transparent /color surface solution for the metal sheet /coil.


        Coating thickness ≤0.006mm (1μ=0.001mm)


        This technology makes the special gel roller soaked with oil paint on the metal surface through rolling movement, and the oil paint layer is left on the surface evenly. The front-part cleaning and drying machine (optional) can clean the surface, so as to prepare for the oil paint coating. The after-part drying line (optional) can make preparation for the film laminating to obtain the final product.

        Feature Detail

        - The work-piece thickness can be adjusted electrically or manually.

        - The feeding speed is adjustable.

        - The number of coating modules used can be selected according to the actual processing requirements.

        - The two-layer 4 sets of oil scrapers can adjust the flow of oil paint.

        - The contact parts with the oil paint are all from stainless material for anti-rust treatment.

        - Drying line’s temperature control gets more accurate and more energy-saving.

        - Provide a European /Japanese standard environment-free filter system as “turn-key” service (optional).

        - PLC system from Siemens or other brands (optional).

        - Electric elements from Schneider or other brands (optional).

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